Published on the 6th of December 2018

ABC Radio Interview

Hi guys! Yesterday was so amazing! I was interviewed on ABC Radio Sunshine Coast! I got to chat a little bit about why I want to be an actor and who my role models are. As usual my mum wouldn't stop talking so I didn't get to finish telling everyone about my role models. My fave actor in the whole world is Gaten Matarazzo from Stranger Things. He is so cool! He has Cleidocraniodysplasia which means he has a toothless gap just like me and he can do this really cool trick displacing his shoulder blades. He has had to do lots of speech therapy to become an actor so that he could learn how to talk more clearly. I have had to do lots of speech therapy too. My left jaw bone is missing, I have a cleft tongue, lip and palette, missing teeth, and I lose air out of my nose when I talk from something called VPI. If you ever meet someone who has trouble saying words clearly, please be patient with them and ask them nicely to repeat themselves. Sometimes kids ignore me if they don't understand me instead of just asking me to say it again slower and louder. How rude!

I have another role model I want to tell you all about. His name is Jono Lancaster and he is a model in England. He has a craniofacial syndrome similar to mine called Treacher Collins Syndrome, which is the craniofacial syndrome that the boy character, Auggie Pullman was based on from the movie, Wonder. I think he has the coolest hair ever! Even better than Steve's hair in Stranger Things! Lol

It's so cool to have role models to look up to! Who are some of your role models?

Stay Golden!

Click on the link below for the live stream of the interview with ABC Radio Sunshine Coast.